Outing someone is cruel, it’s a job of the fools.

All I want is to be found,
Yet there I am in the ground,
I’m not even in the background,
As you told everyone in town,
Now I yearn for places with no sound.

The first stanza actually signifies how the persona felt lonely in a place where nobody is like them. The persona yearns for company but somehow someone messed everything up by outing them, which cause the persona to be targeted instead. And now instead of wanting to be seen, the persona just wanted to hide themselves.

Now I fear for my life,
When you told without thinking twice,
Now I look left and right,
Ready incase I’m supposed to fight,
Ready incase I’m supposed to flight.

Now the persona fear for their life. The bully didn’t even think about the consequences of telling their secret to everyone. And now the persona need to be vigilant, looking left and right, to a point of developing paranoia. The persona now is living in fear, worrying of someone is going to come for them.

Protecting myself from the witch hunt,
They thought it’s for fun,
They thought it’s session in run,
While here am I feeling all done,
For all I’ve done is run.

In midst of protecting themselves, the bully thought that this is all just a game. All the teachers and preachers are using the persona as a “teaching moment”, shaming them about how “wrong” their “lifestyle” is. And now the persona is just so done to hear the same thing over and over again. Because all they have done is nothing but running for their life.

Now here I am lying on the bed,
In the background, it’s girl in red,
Collecting, crying, feeling betrayed,
Wonder why they treat me like they’re correcting a mistake,
Will this always be my fate?

Now the persona is in their room, with music(girl in red) in the background, just mentally breaking down from all of these. They felt betrayed and questioning why these are all happening to them when they have done nothing wrong. Like why are the bullies and everyone else are treating the persona like they(the bullies and everyone else) trying to correct a mistake.

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